Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Post #3, Pinterest vs. DIIGO

Through taking this technology course, I have been to exposed to not only new forms of technological resources but also new ways to use the resources that I was already using! This is most definitely the case for this week's assignment. We were asked to explore DIIGO and Pinterest, two websites used for social bookmarking.
I was completely new to DIIGO before starting this course and still haven't quite grasped it completely. From what I've gathered through exploring the site as well as creating my own account, it's comparable to a bookmark tab on a browser with the capability of being social. What I found really cool about it is that it's an account that isn't linked to a specific computer and you can access your documents from wherever necessary. I really like this aspect of it. Comparing it to a bookmark tab on a computer, it's way better able to organize your websites using tags. It's also collaborative in the way that you can follow others and you are able to share ideas and websites! I could see myself using this in the future.
I wasn't unfamiliar with Pinterest before this class, but I wasn't completely aware of it's potential. I previously used Pinterest for new hairstyles and make-up techniques and thought it was more of a trendy site rather than a social bookmarking site. I learned today how to use something that I was already familiar with in a professional manner. There were so many visuals on this website and I really loved that! I learn a huge amount through visuals as a learner and I think there are many ideas on there that could truly benefit my students. It doesn't organize itself solely on tags which I also like. It's organized through topics and is really easy to search through! I don't necessarily think you can follow someone on Pinterest though which may be something it lacks. I know you can share pins with Facebook and Twitter, but not necessarily form a community of learners through it. I will DEFINITELY be using Pinterest in the future, it's got great ideas and great visuals!
Comparing the two, I think I'm more comfortable with Pinterest and that's because I've already been exposed to it. Also, as I said before, I'm a visual learner so seeing all of the bright colors and ideas really attracts me to this site. Don't get me wrong, DIIGO is an awesome tool, but it lacks a bit of creativity. However, it is a great resource to form a community of learners as well as it pools resources really well.

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  1. You have given a good comparison of these sites and it's natural to feel more comfortable with a tool you are familiar with. However, as you keep adding to DIIGO, it may win you over!